Brief History of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount


All dates are approximate

867 bce- King David captures Jerusalem from Jebusite inhabitants

831 bce- King Solomon builds First Temple

421 bce- Babylonia destroys Temple

351 bce- Jews return from exile, second Temple built

332 bce- Macedonia- bce Alexander the Great conquers Jerusalem

301 bce -Egyptian Greek- Ptolmey grant Jews of Jerusalem autonomy

167 bce- Syrian Greek- Antiochus IV desecrates Temple

141 bce- Jews- Hasmonean Maccabees recapture Jerusalem

63 bce- Rome- Romans conquer Jerusalem, 12,000 Jews massacred

66 ce- Jewish Revolt again Rome

70 ce- Rome- Jerusalem captured by Romans, Temple destroyed, Jerusalem burned

130(?) ce- Bar Kokhbah revolt, Jerusalem regained for a few short years

135 ce- Rome recaptures city, name changed to Aelia Capitolina

324 ce- Byzantium- Jerusalem comes under Byzantine rule, Jews forbidden to enter


361 ce- Julian, non Christian, grants Jews autonomy over the Temple Mount

363ce- Christian rule re-established, Jews expelled

613 ce- Persia- Persian conquest of Jerusalem, Jews given control over the Temple Mount

629 ce- Byzantium- Byzantine ruler recaptures city, Jews expelled

638 ce- Syria- Syrian Ommayad Moslems capture city, 70 Jewish families allowed to return,

660-691 ce- Dome of the Rock built

750 ce- Persia(Iran)- Abbasid Moslems from Baghdad capture city, poverty widespread

787 ce- Egypt- Jerusalem comes under Egyptian Moslem rule, Jews persecuted

969 ce- Egyptian Fatimids rule Jerusalem,

1033- Earthquake leaves much of the city in ruins

1099- French and German Christian Crusaders capture Jerusalem, Jews massacred

1187- Egypt-Syria- Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, captures the city, Jews return

1229- Jerusalem becomes a Christian city, under the influence Frederick II of Germany, Jews expelled

1244- Mongolia- Mongolian Tartars invade Jerusalem

1250- Egypt- Egyptian Moslem Mamaluks capture city, Jews taxed heavily

1517- Turkey- Ottoman Turks control the city, Jews subjected to many indignities and difficulties

1799 France- Napoleon marches by Jerusalem

1831- Egypt- Jerusalem captured by Mohammed Ali of Egypt

1840- Turkey- Ottoman Turkish rule restored

1914-World War I

1917- War ends, British Mandate established, many Arab riots during next decades,

Jews murdered

1948- War of Independence, Old City and Temple Mount captured by Jordan, Jewish sites desecrated

1967- Six Day War, Jerusalem united





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