It's Report Card Time

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It's Report Card Time!
Reading Between the Lines

by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum

It is not always easy to pick up the subtle messages that the teacher may be trying to convey to us. Sometimes it takes a very astute parent to understand the real meaning of a teacher's comment. Here's a list of some common teachers' comments and their possible meanings.

Your Child is...

"Extremely friendly" matter which seat he's put into he's always talking to the boy next to him.

"Very imaginative"...a very good liar.

"Independent"...does whatever he feels like.

"Very good debater"...always argues with everything you say.

"Has excellent vision"...a great cheater.

"An up-and-coming politician"...a polished liar.

"Very analytical mind"...very cunning and must be carefully watched .

"A great writer"...forever writing notes to others in class.

"A born leader"...very bossy and aggressive.

"Extremely bright"...has a remarkable ability for making up excuses.

"Very sensitive"...a big cry-baby.

"Outgoing"...takes things that don't belong to him .

"The greatest pleasure"...on days he's absent from school .

"Minds his own business"...withdrawn and shy.

"Overly inquisitive"...a painful nudge .

"Very articulate" constantly calling out and talking.

"Very agile"...can't sit still .

"Brilliant" absent-minded professor .

"Strong-minded"...obstinate and refuses to listen.

"Great sense of humor"...laughs at every silly joke .

"Very original"...doesn't spell a single word correctly.

"Prince Charming"...has an inflated ego.

"Always happy and joyful"...he's the class clown.


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